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Dear friend! Having visited pages of my site, you will learn(find out,recognize) a lot of the Islamic world interesting about a cult construction. On a site photoillustrations more than 500 mosques, медресе and the Muslim centres are placed.For a basis of information base of a site the materials collected by me on a site " Fund the Mosque " are taken. Difference of this site will consist that here there will be no policy(politics). Only the cognitive and evident information, and also a history. Welcome! Rashid Saifutdinov.



Dear visitors of a site "Mosques of the world", I am addressed(paid) to you with the request.If you have photos of other mosques (and items of information on them), not placed in the given site, would be to you is very grateful, if you have sent this material on my electronic address: I am necessary at placing of the received new items of information I shall refer to your name.

Yours faithfully Rashid Saifutdinov.

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