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Мosques of the world

        The history of creation of mosques begins from the first mosque constructed in Medina where in 622 year the Moslem doctrine - the Islam has officially arisen. And the first mosque with a minaret was constructed in 847 year in. Samarra (Iraq). Today in the world of tens thousand mosques, from them more 3 thousand in Russia. On a page you learn(find out) " Mosques of the world " about the most significant cult constructions located on all continents of the Earth (behind exception, unless, Antarctica).

Whether and you know, that:

The biggest cathedral

The volume of a cathedral Over John Bogoslova of a cathedral of the New York diocese (USA) is made 456 350м3, with the general area - 11 240м2. Construction went with 1892 on 1979гг.

The biggest mosque

The general area of a mosque in Islamabad (Pakistan) makes Check Faisal 18,97га. The prayful hall the area 0,48га together with an inner court may contain 100 000 praying, and in adjoining territory 200 000 more persons may be placed.

The highest minaret*Great Hasan II*
Minaret of a mosque Great Hasan II, Casablanca, Morocco, has height of 200 m. Chapel the hall of a mosque may contain 25 000 believers.

The biggest temple

Angkor-Bat ("City - temple" in Cambodia - largest of all ever constructed religious constructions. It(he) borrows(occupies) the area 162,6га. The size - 24х6км. Construction began in 900г.н.э.

The biggest palace

In the world it is considered the biggest the palace of the Chinese emperors located in the centre of Peking. It(he) сооружен in the form of a rectangular with the parties(sides) of 960 and 750 meters also borrows(occupies) the area of 72 hectares. Nowadays the palace looks the same as six hundred years back. In one of premises(rooms) of a palace till 1924 a vein last empress of China.



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